Q: What kind of motorcycles do you build? 

A: Mystical Custom Cycles builds each and every bike unique. From the low ride to the high ride.


Q: Is a Mystical Custom Cycle just a customized Harley-Davidson? 

A: No. Mystical Custom Cycles is a custom bike manufacturer. We build each and every bike to the desired look that the purchaser requests. This means he or she gets exactly what they are looking for in there own bike. We do in house build sheets for motor, transmissions, wheels, ect. 


Q: Are Mystical Custom Cycles listed in the NADA and Kelly Blue Book? 

A: Yes. 


Q: Do Mystical Custom Cycles hold their value? 

A: Absolutely. We have found that Mystical Custom Cycles holds there value just as much as any other motorcycle company. The difference being is every bike is different in it's on way. Not like a assembly line manufactured bike. 


Q: Where are Mystical Custom Motorcycles assembled? 

A: Mystical Custom Cycles are manufactured at the company's location in Troy, Missouri. 



Q: When did Mystical Custom Cycles begin production? 

A: Mystical Custom Cycles started assembling there products in 2003 starting with just a few customized bikes. 


Q: What got the company started? 

A: The interest that Shawn Evans had in motorcycles from young on. What interested him the most was how to make them different from what everybody else had. People seem to have a desire to have a motorcycle that is different and that catches peoples attention.